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                    CHARMED NIGHT  by Dumle Kogbara 

A Journey of Love through a poignant evening; Seen through the eyes of three ladies and expressed through the Piano music of Chopin and the Poetry of Rilke, Neruda and Seth. 



The Poetry of Staged Images – Dramatic Silence, Moving Stillness &Intimacy. In this workshop we will be using the cinema as source materialfor theatrical inspiration and staging. We’ll investigate dramatic intimacy using silence and stillness. We will be using the following texts as source material – ‘Persona’ and ‘The Silence’, both screenplays by Ingmar Bergman, and ‘Charmed Night’ written by Dumle Kogbara.



Humanitas-Culture was founded as an International Cultural Production Company in 2008, by its Nigerian born, dual British national Artistic Director, Dumle Kogbara(Writer-Director-Producer). Redolent of the Renaissance(Rebirth) and modern, Humanitas-Culture is committed to International Film, Opera, Theatre, Writing and Cultural Events. Its aim is to provide an excellent platform for Artists and promote Culture as a Transformative and Transcendent experience.

The Spirit of Antiquity Reverberates and helps us in our Modernity. The inaugural Humanitas-Culture production was a 2008 London staging of the Ancient Greek Tragedy, AGAMEMNON by Aeschylus set in West Africa, directed by Dumle Kogbara.


 Conceived and Directed by Dumle Kogbara
                      LADY EROS

Music-Drama Vignettes from Mozart/DaPonte, Strauss/Hofmannsthal, Verdi/Boito, Shakespeare. 

Scenes from: Cosi fan tutte,Le Nozze di Figaro, Don Giovanni, Der Rosenkavalier, Arabella, Otello, Falstaff.

In an atmosphere of Old Chelsea Bohemian Glamour.

London Sketch Club  Chelsea,London

Director Dumle Kogbara

Humanitas Opera warmly introduces you to Lady Eros.

An exploration and illustration of Eros through the experiences of  a group of different ladies. Memories,  reflections and dreams are given poetic expression on the wings of  sublime music. We will witness a celebration of Lady Eros with all her nuances, given expression by three great composers and three great librettists. Mozart/Da Ponte(Don Giovanni, Cosi fan tutte, Le Nozze di Figaro); Verdi/Boito(Falstaff,Otello); Strauss/Hofmannsthal(Arabella, Der Rosenkavalier). There is also the presence of Shakespeare, through Ophelia and of course, Desdemona. Let us be seduced by, and surrender to Lady Eros.


 In Development 

DIE  TOTE  STADT(The Dead City)- Opera  by  E.W. Korngold;

Directed by Dumle Kogbara  



“With Daring, Originality and Optimism director Dumle Kogbara brings…. to the Theatre his version of the great Swedish writer/director, Ingmar Bergman’s deeply personal and revered work(Autumn Sonata)”.

(Persona) “…. this raw and gripping portrayal of the psyche is treated with imagination by director Dumle Kogbara“.


Prior to founding  Humanitas-Culture,some of  Dumle Kogbara’s directed productions included Chekhov’s THREE SISTERS and stage adaptations the Ingmar Bergman films, PERSONA, THE SILENCE, AUTUMN SONATA, SCENES FROM A MARRIAGE and the Francois Ozon film, HUIT FEMMES(8 WOMEN).

Recent  productions, directed by Dumle Kogbara have included, SEDUCTIVE VIGNETTES– female scenes from the Mozart/Da Ponte Operas(Le Nozze di Figaro, Cosi fan tutte,Don Giovanni), performed at Steinway Hall(March 2009), London  and The University Women’s Club, Mayfair,London(June/July 2009),ECSTASY: Beethoven, ECSTASY:Rilke & Hopkins, two Happenings(CULTURE & SPIRITUALITY) at Farm Street Church,Mayfair,London in 2009.In December 2009 and January/March 2010, Humanitas-Culture produced a themed show of Art Songs, TRANSFIGURED  NIGHT(Music, Poetry…a Female Voice…Love, Transcendence), inspired by Arnold  Schoenberg, at The 1901 Arts Club,Waterloo, London.

From the miniature/Poetic world of the Art Song to full scale Dramatic Productions, Humanitas-Culture is inspired by Richard Wagner’s concept of Gesamtkunstwerk(Total Art Work).